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You know, the flow of React and Redux can be a bit uncomfortable. It’s kinda like going on a rollercoaster for the first time — you can’t predict when it's gonna turn left or right, you’re not prepared for the big drop, and a part of doesn’t really know when the ride is gonna end. There’s the nervous excitement, the rush of adrenaline, and sometimes there’s the rare and unfortunate puking(I imagine someone outside of this allegorical metaphor literally puking on their laptop from working through the loopholes of React-Redux😂).

But to answer your question that you didn't ask —…

TBH, React is kinda confusing. But isn’t all code a little confusing before you go through the late-night video lecture, the early morning study sessions, and the nagging, random thoughts of debugging solutions for the broken code from yesterday. I recently developed a React app that was modeled as an online art gallery in which users can write comments and rate the specific art pieces on the page. Like Leonidas, I went through many a trial and tribulation — I faced formidable foe after another in the form of “ERROR”. I climbed on the heights of mountains overlooking the vast…

You have heard about its many names — LiveScript, Jscript, ECMAScript, ES. You hear about JavaScript all the time. You hear how it’s this dynamic language that descended on the mind of Brendan Eich in 1995 and since then has permeated the atmosphere of programming interactive web apps that change the world! You hear how its this powerful and ambiguous language that can effectuate world domination if yielded by the right environment but the wrong fingers! You think to yourself; world domination would be incredible right? Mwahaha!

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So, you take a stab at this JavaScript thing.

Now I’m not saying…


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